Converse Industrial Equipment, LLC Launches in San Antonio With Drive and Ambition to Dominate the South Texas Industrial Equipment Market

Press Release – San Antonio, Texas, May 8th, 2018 – Mariano Pasquel joins the ranks of San Antonio’s entrepreneurs after forming his company, Converse Industrial Equipment, LLC. Mariano brings ten years’ experience in the heavy lift industry to the South Texas market. Mariano’s career in the heavy lift industry is distinguished. The South Texas market will benefit from an entrepreneur whose focus will be customer service, and the drive to dominate the Texas market as the premier heavy lift sales and rental provider.

Company President, and founder, Mariano Pasquel shared his vision: “Converse Industrial Equipment will soon be known as the premier go-to provider for sales and rentals of heavy lift equipment such as forklifts, telehandlers and scissor lifts just to name a few. We are determined to both provide the equipment, as well as the replacement parts for the equipment we sell. My company is founded on customer service principles. Everything from the quote process, to the delivery date, even to the customer’s ability to complete the project without my equipment failing is part of the vision I have.”

Converse Industrial Equipment will face off with well-established industry veterans in the South Texas market. Any experienced entrepreneur knows the challenges they face when entering into an established market with relationships already formed. It’s common for small businesses to form relationships with suppliers earlier on. Those mutually beneficial relationships tend to last, and both companies grow together. Many startups like Converse Industrial Equipment find difficulty in penetrating the market because they are unknown. However, Mariano is an industry veteran with established relationships that should give him an advantage in the South Texas market.

“I knew who my competitors were in San Antonio and South Texas before I took this leap.” Said Mariano Pasquel. “I’ve worked in this industry very well for a long time know. After many years in this industry I felt my personal brand of customer service, and dedication to superior results offers more to the industry than my competitors can provide. We are well versed in the need for our equipment in terms of who is using it and for what. Commercial painters will use boom lifts or scissor lifts, like commercial electricians, and the details matter to us because perhaps each will have different load capacity requirements. When I work with electricians, general construction contractors, painters, commercial sign companies, and more, I need to ensure we are providing the correct equipment for the project, with the appropriate sales process or rental agreement. Every one of my clients is an experienced professional. However, as humans they may overlook something. It’s part of my vision to ensure that we don’t just sell or rent, but that we ensure the equipment specs to include rental time is appropriate for the project.

Mariano’s company vision to ensure customer satisfaction is ambitious. Converse Industrial Equipment will need to balance affordable and reliable equipment to often short-turn around demand clients, while ensuring the company’s quality service to the customers is always a top-priority. Business leaders often comment upon how customer centric sales and service operations are key elements into the early success of new entries into markets such as Converse Industrial Equipment.

Mariano remarked on his customer centric strategy: “My customers are my livelihood. They are the reason Converse Industrial Equipment is already making great strides in Texas, and even Mexico. I truly believe my company can be a partner in any of my customers’ projects. When equipment is on-site, I want to rest easy knowing it’s project appropriate and reliable equipment so my customers complete the job on time.”

Converse Industrial Equipment, LLC, is a San Antonio, Texas supplier of commercial heavy lift equipment such as forklifts, telehandlers, and scissor lifts. For more information visit Converse Industrial Equipment’s website, or call Mariano at 210-503-5224.